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How we improve your YouTube

Get to know us a little better and how we are able to help you grow your
YouTube channel.

How we can grow your channel

We sell a variety of different services to help boost your YouTube popularity like World Wide views & Country Targeted views.

Targeted World Wide Views Service

  • Targeted Google Trueview Ad Campaigns geared towards maximizing engagement towards your video, in turn ranking it higher for more organic viewers and reducing your overall ad spend too.
  •  Both of our World Wide & Country targeted views are already geared towards Fans/Consumers of your Genre/Niche already.
  • The only difference between the 2 services is the location of your potential new fan/consumer.

Here are some of the reasons why we are Marketing Agencies, Record Labels, Influencers, & Big Brands best friend.

Important: Stop paying those other guys and come see the 🔌

Our Targeted Views Service

Our targeted views service is our most in demand service! We make sure your video is placed in front of your intended audience, which includes similar Brands, Businesses, Music Artists and down to the Audience Demographic.

Our Targeted World Wide Views service is our most popular service where we can deliver more than 1 Billion+ of real world wide views. Best service if you need to target specific audiences, countries, and demographics. Resulting in more Organic Buyers, Fans, Views, Likes, Comments, and Subscribers.

Important: Google can take up to 48 Hours for Ad Approval. The retention that you receive from our service can vary, It all depends on the quality of your content.You will always be updated on your order status, if for any reason google does not let us run your video you will of course get you a refund.

How we deliver real views

We place your YouTube video on targeted audiences like similar music artists in your genre or a similar brands YouTube Channel: Suggested videos, Discovery placements, Recommended videos, & partner websites across the world.

Our General World Wide views service is geared more towards musicians or brands that want build a global audience which results in higher ranking in YouTube algorithm and organically recommending your video to similar viewers. Regardless of where they come from the viewer will be someone who was already searching for something similar to your video or is already a interested in your genre or niche.

For example: One of our Reggaeton clients ordered 250k Views with us, which resulted in him getting more than 400k organic views from YouTube.

Which countries will my views come from?

Our system is based worldwide, so the views, subs, likes, and comments can come from anywhere in the world and it is all from real people.

If you would like targeted traffic from specific countries, please let us know. Our targeted traffic service does allow you to choose from 4 different demographics as well: World Wide, North America, Europe & LATAM.

How long our services take

We make sure to deliver your order in a way that looks natural, rather than just blasting your video. Our smallest packages can be delivered over the course of 24-72 hours. Larger orders will be delivered over a longer time period.
To deliver your order our system automatically create a promotion to deliver interactions, creating a promotion and waiting for it to go live is usually done instantly, however it can take longer in some circumstances.
Need help? If your order is taking longer than expected please let us know, we are always happy to help.

Your payments are secure

Yes, your credit and debit card details are first encrypted with SSL encryption and then securely processed by Stripe. We do not store any of your card details on our servers. If you have any issues with your order please let us know as soon as possible, we are always here to help.

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What makes us the best

With years of experience we are able to provide a service that is far better
than our competitors.

Tracking & Support

We provide full tracking for your delivery during and after each order, and upon purchase we email you order details. If there are ever any problems our friendly support is standing by to help.

Organic Promotion

We always take care to deliver your orders in a way that is natural. Our smallest packages are usually delivered over 24-48 hours and our larger packages are delivered over several days to weeks.

Safe & Confidential

We handle your brand and artist presence with care. We only use the safest methods for promoting you. We have never had a customer report any problems with their account. after using our services. Our clients who run agencies & record labels we do have NDA's & Contracts available as well.

Real Interactions

We pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality promotional services. This extends to our excellent support which is here to help you reach your goals. Your plug will always take care of you 🔌

How we boost your Spotify

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  • Spotify Services
  • Spotify Boost Campaign
  • Playlist Placement

How we can grow your Spotify Following

We offer just two different services to help boost your Spotify popularity.

These include Playlist Pitching, and Marketing Campaigns that are geared towards increasing your Streams, Followers and Spotify’s Algorithmic playlist placements.

Here are some of the reasons Record Labels and Managers use our services:

Important: All artists & songs are subject to approval no matter how much money you have, Quality and potential is more important to us.

Our marketing campaigns do not include your budget on ad spend. We work with all genres! 🔥

Our Spotify Marketing Campaigns

We’ve cracked the code with our Spotify campaigns. If you want to take your career to the next level come talk to us. We’ll help you gain the fans that are looking for you. Our campaigns have helped artists on average go from 1 follower a day to 20+ a day. Our creative team will also design you amazing Gifs, Videos, & Pictures to boost your image.

Other companies will sell you 100% fake Spotify streams, which only helps you waste money and get your song removed from Spotify.

Stop dealing with these other guys and come see the 🔌


We help you build your audience with our direct-to-fan growth strategies

Real Organic Streams, Followers, & Saves!

All in one digital marketing campaigns using: Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok & Google Ads

1 Month trial discount available

Start your Spotify campaign today!

Spotify Playlist Pitching

Our network of independent curators have a reach of up to 15 Million playlist followers. Once your song is approved for pitching we will send it out to our curators depending on your Genre and target Audience over the course of 30 days to 6 months depending on the package ordered.

Real Playlists with Real Active Listeners

You should start seeing results 2-3 days after song approval

We do not work with dead playlists at all!

Tracking via Spotify for Artists

Grow your Spotify today!

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TikTok Campaigns

Let us pitch your song to TikTok influencers and help you get that Viral song !

  • TikTok Campaigns

★ TikTok Influencer Campaign

                     Let us get your song  VIRAL!

We work with over 200 influencers with more than 100 Million Followers+ combined.

Let us Choreograph Dances & Hashtag Challenges

2 - 6 week campaign updates and reporting.

Schedule a call to discuss your campaign.

Campaigns starting at        $750