Refund Policy

Money back guarantee

If we have not started your order within 72 hours of receiving full payment you may be entitled to a full refund.

Please keep in mind we are running Ads, and Google can sometime take up to 72 Hours for approval. You will always be updated on your order.

Refund requests in relation to the quality, location, interests, gender, demographics, or interactions from the views, likes, comments, or subscribers gained from our promotional services will be denied. Details about our user-base are in section 5 of the terms of service and are agreed on by making a purchase from us.

Refund requests in relation to any loss of views, likes, comments or subscribers in any situation will also be denied.

Please contact us to let us know about any loss after our service has been completed.

Refund requests in relation to any video that has been removed by the user or shows as unavailable will be denied.

If you promote your video or channel outside of our website and services while an order is in progress no refunds will be granted in any situation. Please wait until your order with us is completed before promoting your video or channel outside of our website. All of our views are all done vie Google Ads or Pop-Up Ads, you will never get a drop in views in relation to our service.