How Does Fans Plug Help Improve your YouTube Channel?

Get to know us a little better and how we are able to help you grow your YouTube channel

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How we grow your YouTube channel

We sell a variety of different services to help boost your YouTube videos popularity like World Wide views, Region & Country Targeted views.

Our Targeted Views Service

Our targeted views service is our most in demand service! We make sure your video is placed in front of your intended audience, which includes similar Brands, Businesses, Music Artists and down to the Audience Demographic. With thousands of video campaigns under our belt we know exactly which CPM and CPV calculations are needed.

Here are some of the reasons why we are
Record Labels, Marketing Agencies, Influencers, & Big Brands Secret weapon.

What's a TrueView YouTube Discovery Ad?

(A few examples of a Discovery Ad campaign on a Cellphone Screen and Computer screen)

A Discovery ad is an Ad Which shows up as a "Suggested Video" which according to YouTube is how 70% of users find new music and content. Also through running thousands of campaigns for our clients we know that Discovery Ads delivery more engagement as opposed to Skippable Ads because someone who clicks the ad is actually sent to your  video page where they can Like, Comment and Subscribe to your video.
We place these ads on similar artists to you for example if you "sound" like Lil Baby your campaign Ad will show up on any video that is on Lil Babys channel, we also would put it on similar artists like Moneybagg, Yo Gotti, Meek Mill, etc etc.
If you want to place an order with us you can do so right ahead by hitting the Order Now button.

What's a TrueView Skippable Ad?

(A few examples of a Skippable Ad campaign on a TV, Cellphone Screen and Computer screen)

A Skippable Ad is an ad which shows up for the first 15 seconds of a YouTube video, which after 5 seconds of it being shown the person watching has the option to Skip it. We usually offer these ads to clients that are looking to get views to their video ASAP! Engagement isn't really the same as Discovery Ads because sometimes people are just listening to music and when these type of ads show up they probably wouldn't even know an ad is playing and think it parts of YouTube algorithm. Once the video goes past the 15 second mark it counts as a "View" so depending on the types of videos and client we are dealing with we'll decide which type of TrueView campaign we'll do for you.

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